As an artist-in-residence, I have spent hundreds of hours in classrooms and school assemblies . Seeing the excitement on children’s faces as they perceive that they might be capable of creating a piece of art is the supreme payment to an artist. Of course, it’s not the only payment we artists expect, but if it is missing no other form of payment will bring satisfaction. Here are a few of the lessons I enjoy bringing to students of all ages:
The language of color-why colors are selected, when more or less color is appropriate, primary, secondary, and complimentary colors

Basic shapes in life and art-for the young, this can be an introduction to the concept of geometric shapes as well as an art lesson, for older students it is a refresher course in the reality that everything we see is built upon basic shapes

Drawing the Human Face-An introduction to the biometrics of the average human face, a lesson that immediately improves most students’ ability to draw a more lifelike face

Drawing the Human Body-Another lesson that can be adapted for any level student, this presentation helps students move beyond “stick people” and begin to think in terms of three-dimensional interpretation of the body

Where Does Color Come From?-A lesson that amazes students as they learn many of the sources of colors. For upper-level students, the lesson also includes a discussion of the binders and mediums used to make raw pigment usable in a pencil, a color stick, or on a paint brush

Stump the Artist-A drawing demonstration and a game: students see their challenges to the artist take shape in front of the classroom…a fun activity to get a class into gear following lunch break or other schedule interruption…and a lively way to cap a previous lesson with memorable inspiration


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